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Obtaining Largest Budget, Public Works Ministry is Going to Build These Next Year


JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The government allocates infrastructure spending in the 2018 State Budget Draft (RAPBN) of IDR409 trillion from the total state expenditure of IDR2,204.4 trillion.

Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing obtains the largest budget allocation of IDR106.9 trillion.

Expert Staff of the Integrated Development at the Ministry of Public Works Adang Ahmad, in Jakarta, Saturday (8/19/2017) said Public Works Ministry budget of IDR106.9 trillion "will be allocated to four priority sectors."

The four priority sectors are connectivity improvement of IDR41.3 trillion, food and water security of IDR37.3 trillion, settlements IDR15.9 trillion and housing IDR9.6 trillion.

Related to the increased connectivity, the Ministry of Public Works will re-build new roads along 864 kilometers, preserve national road of 46,000 kilometers and the construction of new bridges of 8,037 meters.

"Then the preservation of the bridge is planned along 487,515 meters, the construction of flyover, underpass, tunnel along 588 meters and construction of toll road along 25 kilometers which use State Budget and 590 kilometers from funding of investors or business entities," he explained.

To achieve food and water security, the Public Works Ministry will allocate budget for the development of 47 dams. Eleven new dams and 36 on-going ones will be built. In addition, a new irrigation network of 54,000 hectares will be constructed along with rehabilitation of damaged irrigation networks of 160,000 hectares.

"In the housing sector, the coverage of national drinking water services will also be improved by developing drinking water supply system with a production target of 9,372 liters per second, and wastewater treatment in various areas will also be built with the target of 860,836 households," he explained.

The Ministry of Public Works will also focus on providing housing for Low-Income Society (MBR). The Ministry of Public Works targets 6,328 units through the development of flats, 180,000 self-help houses, 5,000 special housing units, and assistance of infrastructure and utilities for 15,400 units. (*)

source: http://www.en.netralnews.com/news/business/read/10019/obtaining.largest.budget..public.works.ministry.is.going.to.build.these.next.year

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